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  • Systems Thinker

    White Belt

    Deepen your understanding of the what, why and how of systems thinking!

    • Ideal for those looking to learn about systems thinking
    • 5-7 hour, online course
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  • Systems Mapper

    Yellow Belt

    Become proficient in systems mapping and learn to easily apply it to what you care about!

    • Ideal for those looking to map ideas using systems thinking
    • 4-6 hour, online course
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  • Systems Leader

    Green Belt

    Learn how to design, manage, and lead adaptive teams and organizations!

    • Ideal for those looking to lead teams using systems thinking
    • 6-8 hour, online course
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  • Systems Trainer

    Blue Belt

    Deepen your knowledge and build skills for training colleagues and others in systems thinking, mapping and leadership!

    • Ideal for those looking to lead and train on systems thinking
    • 3-day, in-person training
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  • Systems Master

    Black Belt

    Become an advanced practitioner of systems thinking, mapping and leadership.

    • Ideal for those looking to coach and consult on systems thinking
    • 5-day, in-person training
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  • Systems Thinking for Enterprises

    Our custom enterprise solutions help bring your organization together on the foundation of systems thinking.

    We’ll work with you to understand your team and corporate environment, to tailor our interactive solutions and create engaging workshops with impactful takeaways for your entire organization.

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Plectica thumbnail

Build your skills with a mapping tool built for systems thinkers by systems thinkers!

Think differently with mapping tools and resources designed to empower you to change your part of the world. Plectica simplifies systems thinking by capturing and extending the essentials that appear in all models and frameworks.

Systems Mapping Basics

Enjoy free access to Systems Mapping Basics with your Plectica account. Get a preview of the course experience while learning the basics of how to use Plectica to visualize and communicate your thinking through a variety of fun hands-on activities.

  • On-demand, online course
  • 30 minutes to complete
  • Learn practical skills of Plectica mapping basics
  • Self-paced and highly interactive
  • Great for those who want to get doing!