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Systems Mapper Certification

Learn systems mapping techniques to visualize and communicate your thinking with Plectica maps!

  • On-demand online course
  • 3-4 hours to complete, with videos and activities
  • Includes skills course and case application
  • 3-month Plectica Pro subscription
  • Yellow Belt Certificate and pin upon successful completion

Apply systems thinking to real-world scenarios...

Plectica provides scientists, engineers, designers, business leaders, policy analysts, and everyday problem solvers with a simple tool to collaboratively build visual systems maps that increase our understanding of the complex systems that make up modern life and work. This program demonstrates how the DSRP congnitive patterns can be used in a practical visualization tool to better understand and map systems of all kinds and complexities.

What you’ll be able to do after the program…

  • Model complex ideas and solve wicked problems by applying systems thinking skills and systems mapping techniques
  • Visualize and communicate your thinking effectively through Plectica maps
  • Demonstrate adaptive thinking, increased metacognition, and improved efficiency for solving problems
  • Apply DSRP to solve or simplify any problem, issue, idea, workflow, or challenge

“I learned a lot throughout this course. Really, I think the course is a great teaching tool and am excited to be able to apply what I learned to solving real life problems.”

Wesley C.
Certified Systems Mapper (2019)

Meet the faculty…

Derek Cabrera

Derek Cabrera

Internationally known systems theorist and cognitive scientist; teaches systems thinking, mapping, and leadership at Cornell University; Co-founder and Chief Science Officer of Plectica.

Laura Cabrera

Laura Cabrera

Translational researcher and systems scientist; teaches systems thinking, mapping, and leadership at Cornell University; Co-founder and Chief Research Officer of Plectica.

What you’ll gain access to…

  • Instruction on techniques for visualizing and communicating your thinking through Plectica maps
  • An additional case study to apply skills to real-world content
  • Interactive mapping exercises
  • 3-month Plectica Pro subscription to continue developing skills with a mapping tool for systems thinkers by systems thinkers
  • Yellow Belt Certificate and pin for successful completion of all course requirements
Plectica Certification course preview thumbnail

Program Overview

Systems Mapping 101

Section 1 Welcome

  • Unit 1 Course Introduction

Section 2 The Splat Map

  • Unit 2 Start with a Splat
  • Unit 3 Splat Map Challenge

Section 3 Thinkquiry Your Map

  • Unit 4 Intro to Thinkquiry
  • Unit 5 Examine Your Distinctions
  • Unit 6 Improve Your Systems
  • Unit 7 Deepen Your Relationships
  • Unit 8 Expand Your Perspective

Section 4 Behind Every Good Map

  • Unit 9 Mapping with Clarity and Purpose

Section 5 The Ultimate Skills Challenge

  • Unit 10 Bringing It All Together
  • Unit 11 Challenge #1
  • Unit 12 Challenge #2
  • Unit 13 Challenge #3

Section 6 Your Turn

  • Unit 14 Map What You Care About

Course Feedback

  • Unit 15 Course Feedback

Course Complete

  • Unit 16 Congratulations

Systems Mapping Case

Section 1 Welcome to SM 102!

  • Unit 1 Welcome to SM 102

Section 2 Systems Mapping Case Study

  • Unit 2 Case Introduction
  • Unit 3 Transforming Skills
  • Unit 4 Enabling Speed & Process
  • Unit 5 Transforming the Organization – Digital Industrial
  • Unit 6 Life-Cycle System Productivity
  • Unit 7 Cultural Transformation
  • Unit 8 Case Study Wrap Up

Course Feedback

  • Unit 9 Course Feedback

Course Complete

  • Unit 10 Course Wrap Up

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